OUTDATED - Welcome to the libraries of Frederikssund


Library Access and Library Card

  • You can get access to the library and borrow materials with your passport, your health card or your driver’s license.
  • Children under the age of 15 will get a special library card issued to them.
  • Parents will subsequently receive an information letter from the library.
  • If you are a conscript or without a social security number you must bring your passport, driving license or other identification issued by a public authority.
  • Please inform us if you change your address, e-mail or phone-number.

Foreigners without a Social Security number, Danish nationals living abroad as well as patrons of no fixed abode, will have to pay a deposit of 250 kr. if they wish to borrow materials at the library.
When all the materials are returned, and any amount due has been paid, the library will reimburse the amount on presentation of a receipt for the deposit.

• Your health card/ library card is personal.
• You are responsible for the materials borrowed on your card.
• All loans are registered in the library system and will be deleted again on return of materials.
• You can choose to get a receipt for both loans and returns, and you can view your loans and reservations via your user status on our website.
• The loan period is usually 31 days but for various materials the loan period can vary. This will appear marked on the material as well as your loan receipt.

Overdue materials
• If the materials are not returned on time, you must pay fees, even if you have not received a reminder from the library.
• You can choose to get a reminder by either text message and/or email 3 days before the loan period expires.

Payment for lost or damaged materials
• If library materials are lost or damaged, you must pay to compensate the library.
• Compensation cost is the price the library paid for the material + 50 kr for preparation of the material for library use.
• Please note that movies and games - because of copyright law - are very expensive for the library to purchase and therefore also very expensive to replace.
• For compensation of the multi -volume works or materials with several parts library may require the whole work replaced, if we cannot provide specific volumes.
• The library will refund the amount of compensation if the material shows up within a half years and is undamaged.
• This is possible only by proof (receipt) for compensation.
Exclusion from borrowing
• You may lose the right to borrow if you owe the library 200 kr. or more in fees, or if you repeatedly do not return borrowed materials.
• Exclusion from borrowing is done with 10 days written notice.
• The exclusion ceases when the total fee amount is paid.
• If the 10 day notice is exceeded and the amount is not paid to the library, the case will be transferred to the municipality's collection department. Please note there is administrative fees for library fees of 200 kr. and above.
The library is for everyone.
Users who do not respect good order or do not follow staff instructions can be expelled from the library for a period.